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Attracting investors, industry partners, new employees and growing your company – it all comes down to effective communications. Core20 – a full service communications provider.

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From Consumer Goods to B2B Communications


Whether it is sports, fashion, technology or retail, Core20 has got you covered. We work with a wide range of industries and specialize in business-to-business communications to attract investors, partners and new employees.

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Global Experience - Global Reach

We apply our international communications experience so that you stand out locally and grow globally.

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Artistic inspiration is the hallmark of Core20 communications.

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Our promotions give you a quick taste of how Core20 can bring immediate value to your communications materials.
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Core20 is a full service provider of corporate communications, offering finance, strategy and communications solutions. With the advent of today’s efficient communications technologies, our agency operates using a virtual office model, bringing our clients cost savings and time efficiency without geographic boundaries.

Strategic planning

We work with businesses to streamline their core processes. Save time and money through Core20’s strategic road maps for corporate communications, sales, capitalization and innovation.


We assist startup ventures, brokers and investors in creative business prospect development. Explore how Core20 targets company valuation, market differentiation and business scalability.

Sales processes

We collaborate with companies on improving their approach to sales. Take advantage of Core20’s sales development services to plan, implement and revitalize sales materials, strategies, and processes.

Tender material

We support companies in winning tenders and project proposals whether on the regional, national or international level. Discover the advantage of Core20’s competitive proposal development services..

Corporate identity

We work on signature elements of our clients’ internal and external communications strategies. Choose Core20 and be distinctive with our innovative designs and compelling communications.

Full service marketing

We take care of all aspects of marketing, from web pages and presentations to exhibition materials and digital communications. Centralize your marketing efforts with Core20’s full service offerings.

Our clients are companies, social entrepreneurs, brokers, M&A specialists, startup ventures and government agencies. The hallmark of Core20’s work is our striking visual material, communication systems and innovative design. It is our mission to achieve “Success by Design.


Energize your brand with striking presentations

Core20 has carefully developed an archive of close to 20,000 visuals and created a world class Visual Tool Box.

We believe that success comes from applying deep business expertise with excellence in design; Success by Design.

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