Corporate Communications for Advanced and Innovative Business Development

Corporate communications is more than having a marketing department. Good corporate communications integrates and manages all of a company’s internal and external communications, with the aim of setting forth a positive and consistent message to all stakeholders.

Some of the elements involved in corporate communications include corporate branding, media relations, employee communication, marketing and advertising, and community relations.

Communicating the same message to all stakeholders—such as the media, employees, stockholders, key partners, and the general public—is a critical element in strong corporate communications.

Benefits of Working with Core20

  • Collaborative approach: With our collaborative approach, we not only provide the client with what they want, but we also make suggestions and give advice based on our areas of expertise.
  • Global experience: Core20 works with many international firms, and is experienced with corporate communications in the global marketplace.
  • Digital experts: Keeping up with the trends in digital marketing requires constant attention to technological developments. We can guide clients through all aspects of creating a digital presence.
  • Artistic Design: Core20 is on the leading edge of design, and incorporates artistic inspirations in all of its work (see below).

Leveraging cross-industry knowledge

Industries Served

At Core20, we want you to benefit from our breadth of experience in working with a wide array of industries, from retail and luxury goods to technology and energy companies. Our partnerships with industry leaders have given us insights into best practices and processes.

We believe that transferring this knowledge across industries can benefit our clients.


  • Consumer focused retail
  • Fashion and entertainment
  • Information technology
  • Mobile applications
  • Healthcare and nutrition
  • Mechanical manufacturing
  • Member based organizations
  • Green Technology
  • Oil & Gas/Shipping

  • Government
  • Retail financing
  • Shipping
  • Charity
  • Energy
  • Beauty industry
  • Movies and arts
  • Sports
  • Other technologies

Getting to «Aha!»


Developing visions


Systemic approach


Results & learning


Artistic Inspiration

At Core20 we have seen that Corporate Communications and Advanced Business Development benefit from an artistic approach.

We incorporate the principles and aesthetics used in the creative industries to develop communications tools that stand out and yield results.


We find inspiration in the following creative industries:

  • Fashion industry

  • Media and entertainment

  • Consumer marketing

  • New media visuals

  • Architecture firms

  • Luxury goods

  • Experience marketing