Core 20’s makeovers will give your materials not only a fresh look but also a strategic foundation to get the results you need. Core20 collaborates with our clients to elevate communications material and provide a strategic foundation to produce results. Beyond the Makeovers below, please take a look at Product Portfolio, Expertise and the Full Service Program.

Visual Makeover

A Visual Makeover looks at all of the identity elements of your company. A Visual Makeover can be executed on company presentations, investor pitches, business plans, product presentations, sales presentations and web pages.

Core20 involvement includes:

  • Revising and applying primary and secondary colors 
  • Use of logo, pictures and signature elements
  • Structure and menus 
  • Visualizing core messages



Digital Makeover

A Digital Makeover focuses on your company’s digital presence. This includes website development, whether it is upgrades of existing web content or replacing the existing web content with a simple or advanced web solution.

Core20 involvement includes:

  • Digital strategy including core messages and target groups
  • Use of logo, pictures and signature elements
  • Web structure and effective use menus
  • Plans for scaling web pages over time



Advanced Content Makeover

Advanced Makeovers are focused on content revision and new content development, but often include a Visual Makeover. Advanced Makeovers can improve the content of important communication pieces such as annual reports, business plans, web pages, presentations and sales/tender documents.

Core20 involvement includes:

  • Improving clarity of message and identifying core target groups
  • Improving consistency of story line
  • Improving weak/missing sections
  • Improving visualization of key content



Strategy Makeover

We have developed manual systems for how to develop, communicate and implement communication strategies. These strategies will vary in scope. We have also facilitated several hundred meetings and workshops that are used to test, refine and implement international efforts and plans.

Core20 involvement includes:

  • Communication channels, material and measurements
  • Market expert review and market strategies
  • International product and market positioning
  • Facilitation of partner development and recruiting



Financial Makeover

Financial Makeovers are targeted toward optimizing capitalization, value and capital structure. This work can be important on an annual basis, for new strategic initiatives or when raising capital. OPEX and CAPEX budgets are tied and aligned to the client’s strategic ambition and the marketplace.

Core20 involvement includes:

  • Capital structures, private and governmental financing methods and the creation of an overall plan for equity and debt financing
  • Financial projections (income, balance sheet and cash flow statements)
  • Capitalization plans tied to strategic objectives
  • Growth and profitability targets to attract investors


Sales Makeover

A Sales Makeover involves working on specific elements within a sales process or evaluating the entire sales process. During this process, we collaborate on pricing strategy, budgets, sales materials, sales routines, reporting and pitch training. Sales Makeovers can integrate all the other Makeover options that Core20 offers.

Core20 involvement includes:

  • Assessing position of products, people and sales processes
  • Strategizing how to leverage competitive edge
  • Active work on material throughout the sales engagement cycle
  • Operational support and coaching

Visual Makeover toolkit

Core20’s catalog is comprised of over 20,000 high-quality images allowing for a wide array of customizable presentation formats and uses. We continue building our world-class catalog, amassing a collection of unique images exclusively offered to Core20 clients.

Core20 involvement includes:

  • Supplement current visual material
  • Reduce the time used to search for new visuals
  • Reduce the cost of taking original photos
  • Expediently deliver excellent editorial and advertisement content
  • Use in advertisements, editorial coverage, presentations and web pagesages