Core20 Expertise

There’s more to a Core20 product than meets the eye. Our deliverables—whether a presentation, strategic plan, web content, marketing materials or annual report—are the result of a multi-disciplinary approach.

Defined processes are key to creating the most strategic and effective materials for our clients.

Our Processes

  1. Strategizing – understanding the business model, target group needs and market position
  2. Synthesizing – identifying the client’s core message and maintaining the focus
  3. Creating – developing new strategies and contributing new content
  4. Structuring – choosing appropriate formats and structures for delivering the message
  5. Visualizing – elevating brand identity and providing overall visual excellence
  6. Applying – evaluating ways to use content across different communication formats
  7. Managing – leading the development processes, review rounds and progress reports

Assessment-driven processes

Starting with a targeted assessment is the best way to determine how to get the most out of your collaboration with us. Assessments provide a foundation for choosing, shaping, and implementing the key processes that are best for your company.

Assessments provide a foundation for choosing, shaping, and implementing key processes and deliverables.



Subject area assessments

  • Market strengths & channels
  • Business model review
  • Core competencies
  • Internal capabilities
  • Industry dynamics
  • Visual identity
  • HR resources
  • Financials
  • Processes

Data-driven assessments

  • Surveys/questionnaires
  • Workshops
  • Interviews
  • Coaching sessions
  • New material research
  • Material review
  • User tests