Visual Makeover

In one week’s time, we can revamp 10-20 pages of your presentation material to improve its visual appeal and branding.

Whether it’s a sales presentation, financial presentation, or a product launch, give us a shot and see what we can do for your visuals.


Save time

Save time by leveraging Core20’s experience in developing compelling presentations.

Save money

Focus your employees’ time where it belongs—on your core business—while we fine-tune your presentation.


Optimize your design

Take advantage of Core20’s design expertise and our selection of 20,000 high-end visuals.


Easy to start

Enjoy our quick-start process and our fast turn-around times.


Choose from a standardized process or customize the approach to meet your needs.

Easy to upgrade

Move beyond the visuals and let us help you with your content.

Before Visual Makeover

After Core20 Visual Makeover 


The Visual Makeover is a popular entry level Core20 product.

Pricing depends on:

  • the number of pages
  • the number of images
  • the number of revision rounds
  • the complexity of material
  • the project ambition level
  • special client requests
  • eventual rush fees

Get started on your visual transformation

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